Music and DanceMusic  both instrumental and vocal occupies an important and integral place in Reliance Co-Ed. School routine. Every student finds ample opportunities to learn both Western and Nepali music. RCS is teamed with accomplished and qualified staff to teach instruments like the Piano, Violin, Tabala, Madal, Flute and students are provided with platform to showcase their talents on many occasion.
Dance the most sub line form of creative expression, finds a niche both at important school functions and ceremonies. Students experiment with various dance forms to evolve furious that clearly reflects their creativity.

Art & CraftArt & Craft is a part of curriculum in RCS through ART & Craft students get platform to be more creative and give space for hidden talents to show.


According to the national curriculum frame work, our school Reliance Co- Ed. need to work more on the following four main pillars of curriculum and its implementation.