FacultyThe highly qualified RELIANCE CO-ED.  SCHOOL faculty is the result of rigorous selection process continued with a comprehensive program of training workshops conducted by the school. They are trained to play multiple roles in the lives of every student from disciplinarian to motivator, guide and a friend. Constantly and closely to moving with every student, they are always aware of the needs and limitations of every student and structure their approach accordingly.

Music and DanceMusic  both instrumental and vocal occupies an important and integral place in Reliance Public School routine. Every student finds ample opportunities to learn both Western and Nepali music. RCS is teamed with accomplished and qualified staff to teach instruments like the Piano, Violin, Tabala, Madal, Flute and students are provided with platform to showcase their talents on many occasion. Dance the most sub line form of creative expression, finds a niche both at important school functions and ceremonies. Students experiment with various dance forms to evolve furious that clearly reflects their creativity.

Art & CraftArt & Craft is a part of curriculum in RCS through ART & Craft students get platform to be more creative and give space for hidden talents to show.

Grade TeachingFrom grade one till grade three, we have grade teaching where single teacher with help of assistance teacher will take care of all the subjects except Nepali. To improve the English speaking environment, Nepali subject will be taught by separate Nepali subject teacher.
Small number of students and close monitoring by the grade teachers will help students to show positively with the proper guidance by their grade teaching.

Subject ClassroomFrom class four onwards we have subject classroom, which plays role of a resource centre for that subject as every single thing inside the classroom will talk about their subjects.
Students are provided individual self lockers to safeguard their belongings.

Leadership in RCSEvery students are leaders in our School. Our leadership program is designed so students have experience in decision-making, mentoring younger students, making plans and putting them into actions. They love the challenge of extra responsibility and we continue to be amazed by the level of their creativity and organizational skills.
Leadership skills are developed through weekly, practical tasks instigated by the Students. Some initiatives culminate in special days or events such as competitions, display and publications. Other roles involve on-going maintenance and monitoring. All this creativity and hard work contributes to making Reliance an even more dynamic school.

Technology and ITWe are an IT based school. All grade levels have access to the Internet via their classrooms, as well as through the IT labs, library or our wireless network.

LibrarySchool has a modern library. We offer anything and everything from graded readers to fairy tales, fictions and non-fiction books. Our trained librarians and assistants encourage reading on all levels, helping students to find books they really enjoy. Primary students can join in the much-loved story telling sessions once a week.

ECAReliance Co-Ed. School offers a wonderful selection of Extra Curricular Activities (ECAs) and Enrichment Activities that complement our school curriculum and enhance the physical, emotional and social well being of our students.

CafeteriaWe serve hygienic and balanced diet (food) at our cafeteria. Professional cook and well trained canteen team take proper care of quality, hygiene and balance.
Students are provided with three meals, breakfast, lunch and tiffin we make sure every child gets enough calories by the end of school hours as needed for a growing child.

Field Trip & ExcursionsField trips are an integral part of RCS. Students are encouraged to learn beyond the confines of a classroom through field trip & excursions. We believe in the pedagogy that the educators should take their students for an outdoor experience rather than merely stay in the classroom.