The Secondary School is discipline-based with teachers specializing in their respective subjects and students moving from class to class across the day. To ensure continued adult advocacy and to support the students’ intellectual, social and moral growth, students work closely with their subject teachers. Subject teachers closely monitor and support student progress across all realms of school life and makes smoother communication with parent. We have adopted students centered teaching methodology. The mission of  education is also to make good citizen, kind individuals plus supportive family and community members or peace loving human being in the real sense. So, Teachers of RCE are expert and have capability in teaching these skills that they are encouraging their students to best in.

Classroom room are  designed to enable group collaboration. It has  the flexibility for chairs and technology to be rearranged with comfort and quickness. The rooms are able to switch rapidly between individual or group format, between presentation, communication and collaboration modes. Whether as an individual or in small or large groups, learners and educators will be able to connect, collaborate, share and report – using projection and audio/video conference.